Saturday, December 15, 2012

SNL: Samuel L. Jackson, F- Bomb (Video)

I didn't realize that Saturday Night Live wasn't on a delay. Other "live" shows have a delay of a few seconds to keep objectionable material from airing.

At the end of the "What Up With That?" sketch, Samuel L. Jackson decided to drop an F-bomb while on screen. A surprised Kenan Thompson attempted to regain control saying, "Come on, Sam" and "That costs money." Jackson can be heard in the background saying "bullsh*t."

I think Jackson knows better. He knows he can't say that stuff on NBC.

What a lame stunt!

Here's video:


Samuel L. Jackson took to Twitter to explain what really happened.

Since Jackson says he only said "FUH," will it air as is on the west coast? I'd be surprised if it airs unedited.

Actually, with Martin Short as host and Paul McCartney as the musical guest, it was a rather entertaining show for a change.

The show opened with a children's choir singing "Silent Night."

It was a poignant tribute to those murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday morning.

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