Thursday, December 20, 2012

In the Bleak Midwinter

NJ Bar Loses License For Allegedly Serving Booze To Underage Stripper

Notice that the bar is in trouble with state authorities for allegedly serving alcohol to the teenage girl to "loosen her up" before she stripped ... not for the stripping itself.

License Suspended For Bar Accused Of Serving Alcohol To Teen - Philadelphia News, Weather and Sports from WTXF FOX 29

Ironic: Teacher pension funds invested in gun makers

Interesting that the people who supervise investments for the nation's massive teacher unions did not have a problem investing in gun manufacturers before the school massacre in Connecticut. Now they're scrambling to divest their portfolios.

From The Associated Press: 
For years, the gun industry has been a reliable investment, attracting tens of millions of dollars from some of the nation’s largest retirement funds. The firearms business has been strong, driven by relaxed laws for carrying concealed handguns and by buyers who feared that tighter gun restrictions were more likely under President Obama. 

But after the bloodbath in Connecticut, the practice is under review in at least four states, including two of the most populous, California and New York.
 I guess as long as the pension funds were returning a solid profit, it didn't matter where the money was placed? What say you liberals?

Teacher pension funds reconsider investments in gun makers

Stuck In The Middle

America's growing government class under Obama

Paul Kengor: America’s growing government class

U.S. Mint testing new metals to make coins cheaper

U.S. Mint testing new metals to make coins cheaper

As long as we are banning stuff...

As long as we are banning stuff...

Pennsylvania launches government transparency website


    Governor Corbett Unveils PennWATCH Transparency Website (via PR Newswire)

       HARRISBURG, Pa., Dec. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Governor Tom Corbett ushered in a new era of transparency and accountability in state government today with the launch of Pennsylvania's transparency website, known as PennWATCH at Corbett was joined today by the…




The Ugly Politics of Piers Morgan

The Ugly Politics of Piers Morgan

Scott Walker: Conservative of the Year 2012

Scott Walker: Conservative of the Year 2012 - Human Events

The great global warming swindle

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mayan Calendar: THIS IS THE END

So is today the final day?

Will tomorrow mark the end of the world?


From the Washington Times:

Citizens of the world, exhale. Contrary to a ballyhooed ancient Mayan prophecy that has spawned everything from Chinese doomsday cults to Hollywood special effects extravaganzas to dire warnings that Earth is on a collision course with the mystery world of Nibiru, our planet will not come to an apocalyptic finale Friday.

At least, that’s how the Mayans saw it.

“They never said it,” said Walter R.T. Witschey, a Maya researcher and professor of anthropology and science education at Longwood University in Farmville, Va. “Some of the Mesoamerican history and artifacts in that region talk about new worlds and new eras, but the people carving all these [archaeological] inscriptions really were not forecasting the end of the world at all. To the contrary, their calendar keeps right on rolling past this date.”

This much is certain: According to archaeologists and scholars, the end of a particular Mayan 5,125.37-year calendar cycle likely falls on Dec. 21. That date, in turn, has spawned something of a global pop-culture panic, a not entirely tongue-in-cheek belief that Friday will not only mark the end of the world as we know it, but also be a terrible day to drop off your dry cleaning.

...A springtime poll of more than 10,000 adults in 21 countries found that 8 percent had experienced fear or anxiety over the world ending in December, with Chinese (20 percent), Russian (13 percent) and American (12 percent) respondents being most likely to agree with the statement that the Mayan calendar “marks the end of the world.”

“In our society, there is a certain fraction of people who are doomsayers who will take their own belief that the end of the world is at hand and hang it on any convenient hook,” Mr. Witschey said. “For the Maya calendar, the rollover of this cycle is a neat hook. We also have the connection with Dec. 21, which is also the winter solstice. They’ve also conjured up an imaginary planet that is going to strike the Earth. NASA assures us that this is not going to happen.”

Indeed, NASA released an entire video Tuesday debunking the notion of a Mayan doomsday. Forward-dated Dec. 22 and titled “Why the World Didn’t End Yesterday,” it notes that none of the thousands of Mayan ruins discovered and translated by archaeologists discuss the end of the world; that contrary to speculation, the sun is not threatening to envelop the globe; that no known asteroids or comets are on a collision course with Earth; and that if Nibiru — or any other planet, for that matter — were about to slam into ours, it would be the brightest object in the sky and visible to the naked eye.

The space agency is not alone in pooh-poohing an apocalypse. Scholars of the Mayan culture — like, all of them — consider it balderdash. Even modern ethnic Mayas, who ought to know, have publicly said that the end of the calendar has nothing to do with the end of the world.
I will be so glad when this Mayan calendar thing is over. So lame.

Unfortunately, there will be other predictions of the end of the world and some people will flip out.

In any event, make plans for Saturday.

The Holly and the Ivy

Midwest Snowstorm

The school closings are crawling across the bottom of the TV screen already.

I hate snowstorms.

Yes, snow can be beautiful at first, when it falls gently and quietly and coats the bare branches of the trees. Winter Wonderland. Very nice.

But when it makes travel treacherous and power goes out and tree limbs break and bones break when people slip on ice, it's not pretty.

There is no romanticizing that.

From AP:

A storm that has dumped more than a foot of snow in the Rocky Mountains was causing problems for travelers as it spread across the Plains on Wednesday.

The main east-west route across Colorado, Interstate 70, closed for several hours from east of Denver to the Kansas line because of poor visibility due to blowing snow. Eastbound lanes remained closed Wednesday night. Smaller highways were also closed for hours in eastern Colorado.

Drivers in Iowa and Nebraska are being warned to be careful or stop driving altogether starting Wednesday evening as the Plains gets its first major winter storm of the season.

Light snow is also expected at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport on Thursday and strong winds could make visibility poor. That, combined with low clouds, could cause delays at the nation's second-busiest airport. National Weather Service forecaster Jamie Enderlen said.

...The storm is also expected to hit Wisconsin and Michigan, where up to a foot of snow was forecast in the north by Friday.
Last year was the best winter ever.

Robert Bork R.I.P.

Judge Robert Bork passed away today.

Michelle Malkin writes:

Judge Robert Bork, former Supreme Court nominee, legal scholar, and the conservative movement’s champion of originalism, died early this morning after a long battle with heart and pulmonary complications. His family reports that the funeral will be held on Saturday.

Bork endured one of the most vicious, coordinated attacks from the Left during his Reagan-era SCOTUS confirmation fight.
Here is the slander disgracefully and despicably spewed by Ted Kennedy:

Commenting on Ted Kennedy's viciousness, Roger Kimball writes:
Not only was Kennedy instrumental in preventing a great jurist from taking his place on the Supreme Court, he also contributed immeasurably to the cheapening of American political discourse.

In a way, Robert Bork had the last laugh. Ted Kennedy went to his grave a rancid, lumbering, pathetic laughing stock. Bork went from intellectual triumph to intellectual triumph, contributing now-classic studies to the library of legal understanding and penning two of the most important works of social criticism of the last several decades....
Rest in Peace.

Racist New York Times op-ed beyond appalling

Amazing what liberals can get away with saying.

Racism at the Times

Will Benghazi Haunt Hillary in 2016?

Will Benghazi Haunt Hillary in 2016?

Police: Man threw bananas during argument

Using the logic of the gun control mob, we should ban bananas because they could be used as a weapon.

Police: Man threw bananas during argument - abc27 WHTM

Armored backpacks and a rush on guns after Conn. school shooting

Armored backpacks and a rush on guns after Conn.

Slaying The Dragon

Sheriff Clarke: Guard Schools

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke proposed a solution to protect children at school.

His plan could be implemented immediately.

No politics. No bickering. No soul-searching. No national discussion. No blah, blah, blah.

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. calls for placing armed tactical officers or security officers "in every school and public place in America," in a commentary piece posted on a tea party website.
"[T]ea party website" - Give me a break!

Clearly, that's an attempt to marginalize his remarks.

Clarke also condemns calls for gun control in the wake of the Sandy Hook School mass killings in Newtown, Ct., and says, "We have to resist with the ferociousness of a junk yard dog any attempt by liberals to make us less free by chipping away at our constitutional freedoms."

He berates "liberals for exploiting tragedy once again in our country and try(ing) to use tragedy as a reason to take our rights away."

Suggestions of gun control "are the mind-set of sheep," Clarke says.

"Sure run and hide from a sociopathic killer. See how far that gets you. You know where that'll get you - 26 dead at Sandy Hook School," says Clarke's article posted on the website "Tea Party Perspective." It was posted on the website by Nik Clark, president of Wisconsin Carry, Inc., a gun rights group.

The sheriff suggests armed guards in schools, malls, theaters and other public places could be paid for with public money now spent on "green" environmental projects and "other waste-of-money social service spending."

He also suggested that businesses should remove signs saying guns are prohibited. That only tips off a sociopathic killer that no one there would be able to stop them, Clarke says.
If Obama and his fellow Leftists are serious about the safety of our children and taking immediate steps to protect them, a solution is providing armed security for them while at school.

Obama doesn't go anywhere without armed guards. If it's good enough for him, it should be good enough for our kids at school.

If you don't like the idea of such security for our children, then expect another mass shooting.

Killers will kill until they're stopped. The uncertainty of which person is about to snap and go on a killing spree is unsettling. The randomness is frightening.

We can stop them before they carry out their deadly missions on a massive scale by employing trained professionals to guard our children.

It's not as if Clarke is suggesting that each kid be given a gun. This is no condom giveaway sort of program.

Clarke is offering a solution that is immediate and effective. To suggest that he's a nut is clearly political posturing.

As it is right now, schools, and other "gun-free zones," are unintentionally inviting the deranged to carry out a slaughter there.

While the politicians and special interest groups bicker, implementing Clarke's suggestion now could save lives.

Committee Chairpersons Announced For 2013-14 Pennsylvania Senate Session

Sen. Joe Scarnati (R-25), president pro tempore of the Pennsylvania Senate, has announced committee chairmanship assignments for the Senate's 22 Senate Standing Committees.

"We are fortunate to have members from various backgrounds and regions across our Commonwealth who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to Harrisburg," Scarnati said. "Membership of committees will be announced prior to the reconvening of the Senate on January 22, 2013."

Republicans still control the Senate, but they will have a smaller margin for the 2013-14 session. The GOP lost 3 Senate seats in the November election, making the party breakdown for the next two-year session, 27-23, in favor of Republicans. 

Senate Standing Committee Chair Assignments:

  • Aging & Youth – Senator Bob Mensch (R-24)
  • Agriculture & Rural AffairsSenator Elder A. Vogel, Jr. (R-47)
  • Appropriations – Senator Jake Corman (R-34)
  • Banking & Insurance – Senator Don White (R-41)
  • Communications & Technology – Senator Randy Vulakovich (R-40)
  • Community, Economic & Recreational DevelopmentSenator Kim L. Ward (R-39)
  • Consumer Protection & Professional LicensureSenator Robert M. Tomlinson (R-6)
  • Education – Senator Mike Folmer (R-48)
  • Environmental Resources & EnergySenator Gene Yaw (R-23)
  • Finance – Senator Mike Brubaker (R-36)
  • Game & FisheriesSenator Richard Alloway (R-33)
  • Inter-governmental Operations – Senator-elect Scott E. Hutchinson (R-21)
  • Judiciary Senator Stewart J. Greenleaf (R-12)
  • Labor & IndustrySenator John R. Gordner (R-27)
  • Law & JusticeSenator Charles T. McIlhinney, Jr. (R-10)
  • Local GovernmentSenator John H. Eichelberger, Jr. (R-30)
  • Public Health & WelfareSenator Patricia H. Vance (R-31)
  • Rules & Executive Nominations – Senator Dominic Pileggi (R-9)
  • State Government Senator Lloyd K. Smucker (R-13)
  • Transportation Senator John C. Rafferty, Jr. (R-44)
  • Urban Affairs & Housing Senator David G. Argall (R-29)
  • Veterans Affairs & Emergency Preparedness Senator Lisa Baker (R-20)

Sam Donaldson: DUI

Sam Donaldson - BUSTED.

From TMZ:

Sam Donaldson -- the veteran ABC newsman and political correspondent -- was arrested for DUI in Delaware earlier this month.

According to law enforcement, 78-year-old Donaldson was pulled over on December 1 after he had driven onto the shoulder of the road.

During the stop, Donaldson reportedly bombed a field sobriety test ... and was arrested for DUI. He was taken to a nearby police station where he was booked and eventually released.
I'm not surprised.

Luckily, he was arrested before he killed someone.

Editorial: The real cost of Obama's $1.6 trillion tax hike

Examiner Editorial: The real cost of Obama's $1.6 trillion tax hike |

New Documentary To Expose The Green Movement

Axed The Movie: New Documentary To Expose The Green Movement – Patriot Update

Joe Biden is a joke

By appointing a buffoon like Joe Biden to head up a commission to study violence in the U.S., Obama shows he's not serious about solving the problem (just like everything he did during his first term). He also insults the memory of the slain children in Connecticut. This is what you voted for America.

Mike Argento: Conn. shooting further stigmatizes people with mental illness

Mike Argento: Conn. shooting further stigmatizes people with mental illness

Welcome to Obama's Ark

Ruth Marcus: Obama uses Susan Rice, then humiliates her

Ruth Marcus: Obama uses Susan Rice, then humiliates her

Music playlist for the end of the world

Music playlist for the end of the world -

Inquiry harshly criticizes Obama State Department over Benghazi attack

Inquiry harshly criticizes State Department over Benghazi attack

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

Dick’s Sporting Goods suspends rifle sales at 500 stores in 44 states

Who needs more gun control laws?

The left-wing media narrative about the Conn. school shootings had already caused restrictions on gun ownership.

News item: Pittsburgh-based Dick’s Sporting Goods suspends sale of rifles at more than 500 stores in 44 states.

Dick's stores suspend sales of certain rifles

Monday, December 17, 2012

Right Wisconsin - Full Site Launch

For now, Right Wisconsin is a free daily briefing.

It appears that when the full site of Right Wisconsin launches soon, there will be a subscriber fee, at least for some content. That's a guess.

I haven't heard anything about subscriber fees. I know no details, but there seem to be hints that the full site won't be accessible for free. Hope I'm wrong. Don't think I am.

Chris Farley - 15 Years Ago

Fifteen years ago today, Chris Farley died.

His death was the result of an accidental drug overdose, along with coronary atherosclerosis. It was the result of a lifestyle of celebrity excess, although one certainly can choose a life of substance abuse and excess without being rich and famous.

There are plenty of stories of Farley's recklessness and how he lived life on the edge. His abuse of drugs and alcohol is well-documented.

But there still was a certain sweetness about him. He projected that Midwestern unpretentiousness. He was so likable; make that lovable.

He was a Wisconsin boy, grew up in a Catholic family, and was a Marquette graduate. He was a Packers fan.

(Photo/Wisconsin Historical Society)

There were traces of Farley's Wisconsin background in his work. He named one of his characters, motivational speaker Matt Foley, after his Marquette rugby teammate, now a Catholic priest. (I'm quite sure that the real Matt Foley doesn't live in a van down by the river.) He wore his Marquette rugby jacket in his movie Tommy Boy.

Even after Farley achieved success, he went to Mass regularly. In many ways, he lived his faith.

I couldn't relate to the excess, but I could relate to him. I knew where he came from. He was one of us.

It's so hard to believe it's been fifteen years.


Read: "Remembering a brother," May 3, 2008

Chris Farley had his faults and weaknesses, but he was a good person. He showed great compassion for those less fortunate.

A story in Tom Farley's book about his brother, The Chris Farley Show, illustrates the care and kindness displayed by Chris.

The New York story [Tom Farley] hadn't heard before is one of the book's most moving: an account by a nun, Sister Peggy McGirl, of Chris' friendship with a 70-year-old homeless man named Willie.

Tom knew that Chris, a devout Catholic, had quietly visited and entertained elderly people served by his Manhattan church, St. Malachy's. What he learned from McGirl was that his brother's relationship with Willie transcended mere volunteer work.

"Chris took Willie out to dinner every week," McGirl says in the book. "Chris treated him as an equal, always. He would take him to Broadway shows, take him out to ball games.

"Whenever he had to go away for work, he'd send Willie postcards, and whenever he came back he always brought Willie a souvenir. They were friends for over five years (until Farley died)."
In some ways, Chris Farley was a terrible role model.

In other ways, he was the best.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Packers: NFC North Division Champs

The Packers are division champs again!

From the Associated Press:

The Green Bay Packers had the best comeback for all that trash-talk from the Chicago Bears.

Another NFC North title.

The Packers clinched their second straight division crown with a 21-13 victory over their archrivals Sunday — at Soldier Field, no less.

Aaron Rodgers connected with James Jones on all three touchdowns, Clay Matthews hounded Jay Cutler with two sacks and the Packers limited the Bears to just 190 yards, their third-lowest total of the season. Rodgers finished 23 of 36 for 291 yards as Green Bay won its sixth straight against Chicago.
What a sweet way to secure the division title!

Congratulations, Packers!

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) reacts to the crowd as he walks off the field after Sunday's game against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field in Chicago, Ill. The Packers defeated the Bears 21-13 to clinch the NFC North Division title. (Evan Siegle/Press-Gazette Media)

SNL: 'Silent Night' (Video)

Saturday Night Live began with the New York City Children's Chorus singing "Silent Night."

In its simplicity, it was a touching tribute to the 20 children and six adults murdered on Friday in Newtown, Connecticut.

Amazing how powerful it was to listen to the children's voices singing the beloved Christmas hymn.

Heavenly peace, holiness, the love of Jesus Christ, juxtaposed with the soullessness of that violent slaughter.

It made me think of the gaping chasm that exists in our society in terms of values.

What a difference it makes to live one's life with love and a deep, consistent respect for life, grounded in belief in God; rather than hating, having an utter disrespect for life, believing in nothing, wallowing in meaninglessness.

Sleep in heavenly peace.

Here's video.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

SNL: Samuel L. Jackson, F- Bomb (Video)

I didn't realize that Saturday Night Live wasn't on a delay. Other "live" shows have a delay of a few seconds to keep objectionable material from airing.

At the end of the "What Up With That?" sketch, Samuel L. Jackson decided to drop an F-bomb while on screen. A surprised Kenan Thompson attempted to regain control saying, "Come on, Sam" and "That costs money." Jackson can be heard in the background saying "bullsh*t."

I think Jackson knows better. He knows he can't say that stuff on NBC.

What a lame stunt!

Here's video:


Samuel L. Jackson took to Twitter to explain what really happened.

Since Jackson says he only said "FUH," will it air as is on the west coast? I'd be surprised if it airs unedited.

Actually, with Martin Short as host and Paul McCartney as the musical guest, it was a rather entertaining show for a change.

The show opened with a children's choir singing "Silent Night."

It was a poignant tribute to those murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday morning.

School Shooting, Hug Your Kids, Say 'I Love You'

We hear this all the time when tragedy strikes: Hug your kids. Tell your family you love them.

In effect, we're told our reaction to violence and death will likely be to say we love each other, as if we need this prompting. Such pain will serve to help us get our priorities in order, to appreciate all our blessings.

Yesterday, Obama said:

This evening, Michelle and I will do what I know every parent in America will do, which is hug our children a little tighter and we’ll tell them that we love them, and we’ll remind each other how deeply we love one another.
I can't relate.

I don't take life for granted. I'm keenly aware of how precious it is, every day. I don't need the unbearable suffering of others to wake me up.

It's sad that so many people apparently do.

Do you require a mass murder to hug your kids "a little tighter" and remind your family how deeply you love them?

I hope not.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Sandy Hook Shooting: Media Exploit Children

The news coverage yesterday of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School was an absolute mess.

Media outlets obviously didn't confirm information before sharing it.

As usual, we witnessed the media feeding frenzy that always follows crimes such as this one.

The TV packaging of these awful incidents makes me cringe.

Do you remember when news stories were reported without music added for dramatic effect? Do we really need a soundtrack to heighten the impact of the slaughter?

It's become so predictable. The exploitation is a disgrace.

Some of the stories about how to talk to children about the shooting were embarrassing. If parents need to look to an "expert" on TV to instruct them not to be too graphic when discussing the topic with their young children, then we have a serious parenting problem in the country.

Then, we have the matter of the media showing images of very young children and interviewing them.

My question: Where were the parents? Why would parents permit their kids to be interviewed on camera?

Some parents were making the rounds of the news outlets. Very unseemly. Fifteen minutes of fame at the expense of murdered children?

Of course, the cameras are there to cover the candlelight vigils. Show the audience faces of grief. Give us some more dramatic images. Can't get enough.

Don't forget the music. There must be music, because the nation is coming together to mourn. The news anchors tells us we're mourning. They guide us through our grief.


I don't like the way the media handle this stuff.

The reality is a 20-year-old man murdered little ones in their school. He killed adults. Dozens are dead. It's positively horrific.

I do want the facts of the crime, but not the media circus. I don't want sloppy reporting. I don't want the exploitation.

I don't want the spectacle of young children telling their stories of what they witnessed. I don't want to hear the parents of the children saying the obvious. I don't want to hear news anchors trying to be profound. Spare me the performance.

And I especially don't want to hear that lame musical accompaniment.

I believe the media circus and its packaging of the event encourages people to respond to the unspeakable evil inappropriately. The potential is there for it to be consumed as a twisted form of entertainment.

ObamaCare Surprise: The Individual Mandate

From the Heritage Foundation:
Not all surprises are good. When it comes to Obamacare, the original projections are turning into unfortunately different realities. For the next 12 days, Heritage is going to highlight one of the various changes in Obamacare projections (i.e. cost, enrollment, etc.) from when the law first passed until now.

One of the most infamous features of Obamacare is the individual mandate, which requires most Americans to purchase health insurance or pay a tax for being uninsured.

In 2010, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) estimated that 4 million people would pay the penalty in 2016 and that collections from those penalties would be about $4 billion per year between 2017 and 2019.

In 2012, the CBO and JCT updated their estimate of those paying the mandate to 6 million people in 2016, totaling $7 billion in tax revenue and growing to $8 billion per year from 2017-2022.

Surprise: That’s an increase of 2 million more uninsured people paying the penalty each year and about $3 billion more in tax collections annually.
Thanks for nothing, Obama and Obama voters.

Merry Christmas!

Adam Lanza

UPDATE: Again, FOX reports the shooter is ADAM LANZA.
Twenty-seven people, including 20 children, were killed Friday when a gunman clad in black military gear opened fire inside his mother's kindergarten class at a Connecticut elementary school.

The shooter, who sources told was 20-year-old Adam Lanza, gunned down his mother and her entire class at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., according to sources. Lanza was found dead inside the school, according to officials.

A source told Fox News that the shooter's father, who was divorced from his ex-wife, was killed at his home in New Jersey. Police were also searching for two friends of the killer, who are currently unaccounted for, sources said.

Eighteen of the children were dead at the school and two more died later, according to Connecticut State Police Lt. Paul Vance.

His girlfriend and another friend are missing in New Jersey, according to law enforcement sources.

Vance would not confirm the shooter's name. Earlier in the day there were conflicting reports over the gunman's identity.
From the New York Post:
A crazed gunman dressed in black went on a rampage at a Connecticut elementary school this morning, in a massacre that left the shooter and 26 dead others - including 18 children.

Adam Lanza, 20, shot his mother dead and targeted her kindergarten class at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., sources said. Sources also told The Post that Lanza's mother was a teacher at the school and he "had a dispute with her."

Lanza is dead inside the school.

Lanza used two handguns and a .223-caliber assault rifle, an official said. The official also said that New Jersey state police are searching a location in connection with the shootings.

Police in Hoboken, NJ are questioning Lanza's older brother Ryan, 24, but he is not a suspect.


UPDATE: FOX News reports that Ryan Lanza is being held for questioning. He is not the shooter. Adam Lanza, Ryan Lanza's brother, is the murderer.

They're backing off that a bit, trying to "sort it out."

Media were posting photos of Ryan Lanza, taken from his Facebook page. Apparently, that was the wrong Ryan Lanza. Oops!

Turns out it was the right Ryan Lanza, in terms of his connection to Adam Lanza.

There is so much misinformation.

What we know is there was a horrific mass murder at Sandy Hook Elementary School this morning. Twenty children and six adults are dead. The shooter killed himself. Another person is dead at a separate crime scene in Newtown, Connecticut.


Ryan Lanza has been identified as the alleged mass murderer responsible for the deaths of 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School this morning.

Lanza's mother worked at the school. According to some reports, she was found dead inside her home. Other reports state that Lanza killed her in her classroom at Sandy Hook and then murdered her students.

NBC reports Lanza's father was also found shot and killed in his home in Hoboken.

So Lanza allegedly killed his parents and decided to slaughter a class of kindergarteners as well.

Do we blame guns? Do we blame violent video games? Do we blame all the violent films deemed to be art coming out of Hollywood? Do we blame mental illness? Do we blame autism? Do we blame evil?

I blame Lanza.


UPDATE: Source: 29 dead, including 22 children in Newtown shooting

UPDATE: 27 are dead, including the shooter.

UPDATE: Gunman kills 20 children, 6 adults at Connecticut elementary school
Twenty-seven people, including 20 children, were killed Friday when a gunman clad in black military gear opened fire inside his mother's kindergarten class at a Connecticut elementary school.

The shooter, who sources identified as Adam Lanza, 20, shot his mother, Nancy Lanza, in the face at their home in Newtown, Conn., then went to nearby Sandy Hook Elementary School where she taught and gunned down her entire class, according to sources. Lanza was found dead inside the school, according to officials. Eighteen of the children and six more adults were dead at the school and two more children died later, according to Connecticut State Police Lt. Paul Vance.

Vance would not confirm the shooter's name, and earlier in the day there were conflicting reports over the gunman's identity. Law enforcement sources told the shooter was Adam Lanza. His brother, Ryan Lanza, 24, who was widely and erroneously reported to be the suspect, was questioned in Hoboken, N.J., but authorities said he was not involved.
Lanza's father, Peter, is not dead, as was reported earlier.
The father of the 20-year-old man who allegedly massacred 20 young children and six adults including his mother, lives in the Westover section of the city.

Stamford police were called to the Bartina Lane home of Peter Lanza and his wife hours after the Newtown elementary school shooting by State Police to conduct a welfare check.

The suspect has been preliminarily identified as 20-year-old Adam Lanza. Lanza grew up in Newtown with his parents Nancy and Peter before they filed for divorce in 2008.

...Peter Lanza, a vice president of taxes for GE Energy Financial Services, arrived home minutes after police left and politely asked a Hearst Connecticut Media Group reporter: "Is there something I can do for you?" after rolling down the window of his blue Mini Cooper.

When he was told his address had been linked to the Newtown school shooting, Lanza took the news as a blow -- his face turning from patient to surprised and horrified. He promptly rolled up the window of his car, declined to comment, and pulled his vehicle into the right door of the two-car garage, before closing it behind him.

Moments later he could be seen sitting at a table in the front of the house, talking on the phone.

Lanza has worked as a tax specialist in the financial industry and has served as an adjunct professor at Northeastern University in Boston since 1995 and has taught classes on tax partnerships at Fairfield University.
Should we blame what Adam Lanza allegedly did on his father?

Maybe we need to put in place tough laws controlling tax specialists and adjunct professors.

Should we blame divorce and second wives?

Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting


From AP:

A shooting at a Connecticut elementary school Friday left 27 people dead, including 18 children, an official said.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation was still under way. Another official, speaking on condition of anonymity for the same reason, said the gunman at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown was killed and apparently had two guns.
This is heartbreaking.

From the Washington Times:

Connecticut State Police are responding to a situation in Newton, Connecticut Sandy Hooks Elementary Schoo; where there is approximately 626 students school ages K-4 and 46 faculty members. Local police and the school immediately put the building on lock down, taking measure to ensure the safety of students and staff.
As a mom, I sent my little ones to school hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times. Mornings were routine. Friday mornings always held a bit more excitement. The weekend approached. Counting down the days before Christmas was an especially exciting ritual, so much joy and anticipation. It's as vivid to me as if it were yesterday.

There was never a day I didn't hug and kiss my children before they walked out the door. There was never a day I didn't tell them I loved them as I sent them off to school.

It is unbearable to imagine the thought of them going to school and never returning. It breaks my heart.

It's being reported that an entire kindergarten class remains unaccounted for - KINDERGARTEN.

FOX News confirms that the gunman was 24-year-old Ryan Lanza of Hoboken, N.J. He had ties to the school.

My God.

What an evil act! This is what evil looks like, gunning down innocents.

My prayers are with the families and friends of the murdered adults.

My prayers are with the parents, grandparents, siblings, family members, and friends of the murdered little ones.


UPDATE: Source: 29 dead, including 22 children in Newtown shooting

UPDATE: 20 children and six adults are dead at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The shooter killed himself. Another adult is dead at a separate crime scene in Newtown, Connecticut.

The shooter is being identified as ADAM Lanza. His brother, Ryan, is being held for questioning.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Susan Rice Withdraws

Susan Rice, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, appeared to be Obama's choice to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, at least for a while.

Obama and his hacks did all they could to paint John McCain and other senators as racist and sexist for opposing her potential nomination.

Obama made a fool of himself when he played the tough guy at his news conference, coming to the aid of the helpless Susan Rice.

This performance didn't convince McCain and company to back down. They were right to stand strong and demand accountability from Rice for her role in the Benghazi cover-up.

So, Susan Rice, the woman Obama wanted, is withdrawing herself from consideration to replace Hillary.

In the Washington Post, Rice writes:

On Thursday I asked that President Obama no longer consider me for the job of secretary of state. I made this decision because it is the right step for this country I love. I have never shied away from a fight for a cause I believe in. But, as it became clear that my potential nomination would spark an enduring partisan battle, I concluded that it would be wrong to allow this debate to continue distracting from urgent national priorities — creating jobs, growing our economy, addressing our deficit, reforming our immigration system and protecting our national security.

These are the issues that deserve our focus, not a controversy about me. On Sept. 16, when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was unavailable after a grueling week, the White House asked me to appear on five Sunday talk shows to discuss a range of foreign policy issues: the protests against our diplomatic facilities around the world; the attack in Benghazi, Libya; and Iran’s nuclear program.

When discussing Benghazi, I relied on fully cleared, unclassified points provided by the intelligence community, which encapsulated their best current assessment. These unclassified points were consistent with the classified assessments I received as a senior policymaker. It would have been irresponsible for me to substitute any personal judgment for our government’s and wrong to reveal classified material. I made clear in each interview that the information I was providing was preliminary and that ongoing investigations would give us definitive answers. I have tremendous appreciation for our intelligence professionals, who work hard to provide their best assessments based on the information available. Long experience shows that our first accounts of terrorist attacks and other tragedies often evolve over time. The intelligence community did its job in good faith. And so did I.

I have never sought in any way, shape or form to mislead the American people. To do so would run counter to my character and my life of public service. But in recent weeks, new lines of attack have been raised to malign my character and my career. Even before I was nominated for any new position, a steady drip of manufactured charges painted a wholly false picture of me. This has interfered increasingly with my work on behalf of the United States at the United Nations and with America’s agenda.

I grew up in Washington, D.C., and I’ve seen plenty of battles over politics and policy. But a national security appointment, much less a potential one, should never be turned into a political football. There are far bigger issues at stake. So I concluded this distraction has to stop.
Translation: Obama, Hillary Clinton, and others in the administration want the Benghazi scandal to go away. Having Rice under oath during confirmation hearings would be a disaster for Obama and Hillary.

Rice's withdrawal should not put the matter to rest.

It would be a disgrace to allow all the unanswered questions about the Benghazi terrorist attack to remain unanswered. Four Americans were killed. We deserve the truth.


READ: "Families want to know what happened in Benghazi"

Herb Kohl: 'Buh-Bye'

The Herb Kohl era is drawing to a close.

Kohl is one of those liberal multi-millionaires who could afford to buy a seat in the U.S. Senate.

Wait. Rich Democrats don't do that. Kohl didn't buy his way into the Senate. Only rich Republicans are vilified for doing that. Only rich Republicans are criticized for their financial success. Never Dems.

How many times have you heard the media refer to Kohl as Wisconsin's multi-millionaire senator?

I wonder if Kohl will take his pension. That wouldn't seem right. He doesn't need it. He shouldn't have been accepting a salary from the taxpayers for all these years. He should be spreading his wealth around. Write me a check, Herb. Please?

It's weird the way legislators like Kohl, capitalists, vote against capitalism.

He always managed to wake up from his naps to cast a vote for big government. What a guy!

Well, so long, Herb.

Your seat will be filled by a Leftist that makes you seem like a member of the John Birch Society.

Given the prospect of six years of Tammy Baldwin, I can honestly say you will be missed.

Read Kohl's farewell statement:

Today I delivered my farewell remarks to the United States Senate, and I want to share them with you too. Thank you.

Mr. President, I rise today for one final time to address the Senate. My remarks will be brief. Actually, I just want to say one thing -- thank you.

I wish I could say it with the eloquence of one of my first friends in the Senate, Senator Dale Bumpers, who told his stories and always made his case pacing these aisles like a lion, tethered to his specially-made, extra-long microphone cord -- or with the breadth of vision of the late Senator Robert C. Byrd, who sprinkled his classic Mother’s Day or Fourth of July speeches with memorized poetry and his vast command of history – or with the fire of my dear friend, the late Senator Ted Kennedy, who would bellow to the rafters his passion for the America that could be and call on the Senate to make it so.

What a privilege to serve with such men – and so many other men and women who have made up this body over the last 24 years. You have been friends, advisors, sometimes adversaries – always worthy -- and inspirations. Thank you.

My colleagues in this body are, to a man or woman, thoughtful, hard-working patriots. We don’t always agree -- understandably. But every Senator I have met is pursuing a course that he or she believes is best for the nation and advocating policies that he or she believes are best for their state. And when I have come to any of you with my ideas about what’s best for the nation or for my state, you have listened respectfully, counseled wisely, and helped when you could. Thank you.

The Senate is often referred to as a family, and that is certainly how I feel about my staff, many of whom are gathering today to say our good-byes. Perhaps what I will miss most on leaving the Senate is coming to work every day in Washington and in Wisconsin with such a bright, creative, and dedicated group of people – constantly focused on what’s best for our nation and Wisconsin, challenging and pushing me to be the best Senator I could be. You cannot be a cynic about the future of this country when you work in an office like mine and have the privilege to interact with generations of intelligent, civic-minded, and loyal staffers. So I thank them all – for making a hard job, not just easy, but enjoyable and for serving the people of Wisconsin tirelessly and exceedingly well.

My final thanks go to the extraordinary people of Wisconsin. Thank you for letting me pay back in part the great debt my family owes to the state that took in my immigrant mother and father and allowed our family -- including my brothers Sidney and Allen and our sister Dolores -- to grow and thrive. Thank you for taking a chance on me in that first election 24 years ago and renewing my contract three more times. Thank you for trusting me with your problems and concerns, your hopes and dreams.

Please know that we have listened to you carefully and fought for you always. Every Wisconsinite who wanted it – Democrat or Republican, rich or poor, farmer or city dweller – got full consideration in my office. And whether it was arranging a Capitol tour, finding a lost Social Security check, pushing for legislation to reform the federal dairy program, or reviving the shipbuilding industry in Marinette, Wisconsin -- every Wisconsinite had an ally and an advocate in us.

It has been the greatest honor of my life to serve these 24 years in this hallowed institution, alongside my fellow Senators and my staff, and as the voice of the people of Wisconsin. For that, I thank you all one last time, and I yield the floor.

Harry Belafonte: Throw Republicans in Jail (Video)

I suppose it's not surprising that Harry Belafonte, pal of Hugo Chavez, would recommend that Obama use the tactics of a third world dictator to deal with those opposing him.

From The Blaze:

And apparently, Belafonte thinks his other Left-leaning idol, current President Barack Obama, could stand to learn a few things from Chavez’s example (or someone like him). Speaking on Al Sharpton’s show on MSNBC this week, Belafonte made a strange suggestion about where Obama might want to go with his Presidential powers.

“What fascinates me is that in the face of millions of Americans expressing their desire, the whole political establishment defining its game, that there should be this lingering infestation of really corrupt people, who’re still trying to dismantle the wishes of the people, the mandate that has been given to Barack Obama, and I don’t know what more they want. The only thing left for Barack Obama to do is to work like a third world dictator and put all these people in jail. They’re violating the American desire!” Belafonte said.

Granted, the tone Belafonte took during the final section implied that the comment might have been a joke, but with a supporter of actual third world dictators, one never knows. In any case, it is less than clear what Belafonte means by the “American desire,” though his “infestation of really corrupt people” seems an obvious reference to the “right wing” Sharpton mentions when setting up the response.
If a conservative suggested tossing the "infestation" of Leftists in jail, he would be crucified by the media.

Yes, Belafonte is an elderly man. Perhaps it's dementia talking and he should be cut some slack. If that's the case, and Belafonte's advanced age is to blame, he should not be on MSNBC, yapping about Obama jailing his opposition.

If Belafonte is in full control of his faculties, he's the enemy of freedom.

Here's video:

Lincoln: Golden Globes

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Jeanine Tracy: 'Punk Ass Bitch' (Video)

A "Victory Vigil" was held for Jeanine Tracy on Tuesday.

From FOX6 News:

First he was fired, then reinstated. Now, MPD Officer Richard Schoen has been permanently discharged following a contentious meeting held by Milwaukee’s Fire and Police Commission on Tuesday morning, December 11th. On Tuesday night, the woman at the center of the debate, Jeanine Tracy, thanked supporters for helping overturn the FPC’s decision.

Schoen was fired by Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn, after he was seen on dashcam video punching Tracy, then dragging her out of a squad car by her hair in an MPD garage. Schoen told the Commission panel he was afraid Tracy would bite him or spit on him. Chief Flynn told the panel Schoen lost control.

After the Commission’s unanimous decision to remove Schoen from the force on Tuesday morning, Tracy told FOX6 News she feels justice has been served. However, she said she couldn’t say whether she feels safer with Schoen off the force.

Tracy’s supporters celebrated a small victory on Tuesday night with a “Victory Vigil” near Milwaukee’s City Hall.

“This sends a big message. It’s a positive message,” organizer Tracey Dent said.

The battle that began with dashcam video showing Schoen punching Tracy in the back of a squad car, ended outside City Hall, as Tracy thanked those who fought for Schoen’s discharge.

“It seems like it made people open their eyes, their minds and their hearts to the situation that’s been taking place,” Tracy said.

Tracy said Schoen’s removal from the force doesn’t necessarily make her feel safer.

“I feel a little safer, but I don’t know if he have friends who work for him. I don’t know if I’m safe or whatever. I think it’s gonna take a little bit more for me to kinda feel better,” Tracy said.

Tracy said she’s just focused on moving forward.

Watching the FOX6 story, one gets the feeling that Tracy is a saint.

While NO CITIZEN SHOULD BE ABUSED BY A POLICE OFFICER AS TRACY WAS, let's not rewrite history. Let's be realisitc.

There seems to be an effort by the media to give Tracy an extreme makeover.

Here's a photo of Tracy celebrating the decision to remove Schoen from the Milwaukee police force:

Heartwarming, isn't it?

From Sykes Writes:

In case you haven't watched it, watch the same woman's behavior while in police custody: spitting, kicking, swearing, screaming at the officers "Punk ass bitch! Punk ass motherf*cking white bitches!"

At one point she tells her daughter to stop cooperating with the officers. "You ain't gotta talk to them. You a minor. F*ck them!"

She repeatedly yells at the officer: "Shut up, bitch!"

"You will be hearing about this. Shut up bitch. Shut the f*ck up. You punk ass bitch."
Watch Jeanine Tracy. Listen to her. She's not a hero.

I have never spit at another person in my life. NEVER. I most definitely have been treated unjustly. I have been extremely angry, but I have never behaved like that.

Then again, I've never been arrested. Maybe I shouldn't judge.

Steven Crowder Assaulted by Union Thugs (Video)

Watch the video of Steven Crowder being attacked by crazed union thugs in Michigan:

Good Lord!

These union thugs are a threat to a civil society.

And what do we get from the White House in response to the violence? Evasion from Jay Carney, naturally.

Here's video of Crowder discussing the assault with Sean Hannity.

Crowder gave his firsthand account of the ordeal. Crowder said, “I’m not that hurt.
Listen, it was more mentally shaking to see this happen. It was more upsetting to get home and see my wife so upset. I went out there and leftists right now are saying that I deserved the beating that I got, completely physically unprovoked. […] The reason for that is that I did go in and apparently I provoked it by asking them why they were against right-to-work.”

Addressing the person who punched him, Crowder said, “I am issuing an ultimatum right now. They are trying to find this man who assaulted me, find this man who assaulted other people. And you have a choice, you can come forward, I’ll press charges, you’ll go to jail. Or since you wanted to cheap shot me, we can host a bout in a sanctioned, legalized MMA competition, where the winner will get the money to go to the charity of his choice. So all of this money that’s been raised to have this man prosecuted and put in jail, I will match that and donate it to the union of his choice.”

Sean Hannity asked Crowder why he didn’t fight back while he was being attacked. Crowder said he knew it would prove nothing and he truly believes that if he had defended himself, “they would’ve killed me where I stood.”

You'd think the media would be all over this - video of an unprovoked attack on a reporter.

They would be all over it if Crowder shared their liberal views.


(I would embed the video but Google/Blogger will not support FOX News videos. I'm sure the Google Leftists support the man who physically attacked Crowder.)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Aaron Rodgers Day 12/12/12

Today is Blake Seidl's 12th birthday. He's 12 on 12/12/12.

Happy Golden Birthday, Blake!

Of course, today is also Aaron Rodgers Day.

To most people, Wednesday will just be a quirky date: Dec. 12, 2012, or 12-12-12. But to Packers fans, the number 12 carries special meaning.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers wears No. 12. So earlier this year the state Legislature designated the day Aaron Rodgers Day in honor of the Super Bowl winner and last year's MVP.

Some public and private businesses are encouraging their employees to wear Rodgers jerseys Wednesday. Others are encouraging $12 donations to the MACC Fund charity. A Green Bay mall is offering special deals, including $20 Aaron Rodgers T-shirts for $12.

Rodgers has said he prefers to deflect personal attention to his team, but he was honored by the proclamation.
Watch Blake's Aaron Rodgers Day rap:

Hey, Hey Aaron, my name is Blake, come join me for some birthday cake. Wait, I'm turning 12 and it's my golden, heading to GB to be close to the frozen, going to Curly's want to head that way, it's the way I spend Aaron Rodger's day. Hey, it's your day, but it's also mine, cause I'm turning 12 and I'm feelin fine. Gonna wear this jersey, cause I'm feelin' proud, gonna represent and shout it out loud...hey, hey....Aaron Rodgers Day, hey, hey ...Aaron Rodgers day, hey, hey............
I love it!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Miley's Short Hair Profile Pic

Miley Cyrus updated her twitter profile picture recently to show off her new short hair.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Miley with Dogs - November 2012

Miley Cyrus loves her dogs. She has been posting pictures of them to twitter frequently over the past few days. Usually it's just a picture of the dogs themselves, but sometimes she posts a picture of her with a dog like these:

Pics: Miley Cyrus Twitter.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Miley Celebrates 20th Birthday

Miley Cyrus celebrated her 20th birthday on Friday, November 23. She tweeted this picture of her celebrating.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Miley Votes - November 6, 2012

Miley Cyrus was spotted leaving a local polling place after voting on Election Day on Tuesday. This was the first election Miley was old enough to vote. Before the election Miley spent time urging young people to let their voice be heard by voting.

Picture: JJ.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Miley to Guest Star on Two and a Half Men

Miley Cyrus will be guest starring on Two and a Half Men. She plays Missi, the daughter of one of Walden's (Ashton Kutcher) friends. Missi will be romantically involved with Jake.

Source: NY Daily News.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Miley Cyrus Short Blonde Haircut

Miley Cyrus surprised many people today as she posted some pictures to twitter showing a new, short, blonde haircut.

Pics: Miley Cyrus Twitter.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Miley in Philly - July 21, 2012

Miley Cyrus was in Philadelphia on Saturday to visit Liam Hemsworth on the set of his new movie Paranoia. Miley was showing off her new blond hair with a Chanel top, Converse shoes, sunglasses and a pair of flashy red pants.

Pics: Miley Gallery.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Miley Cyrus Engaged to Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus is engaged to Liam Hemsworth according to multiple media reports.

Liam proposed to Miley on May 31, 2012 with a 3.5 carat diamond ring.

Miley was quoted as saying, "I'm so happy to be engaged and look forward to a life of happiness with Liam" by People Magazine.

The couple met on the set of their 2009 movie The Last Song.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hunger Games Premiere Red Carpet

With the Hunger Games out this weekend, I thought I'd post these pictures from the Hunger Games premiere a couple weeks ago:Pics: Miss-Miley-Online.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Miley leaves Pilates - March 7, 2012

Miley Cyrus was spotted leaving Pilates yesterday. She bundled up with a dark red jacket and was carrying her bright yellow bag.Pics: Miss-Miley-Online.

Jogging with Floyd - March 4, 2012

Miley Cyrus was outside running with her dog Floyd on Sunday. She was wearing red cutoff shorts and a tank top.Pictures: Miley Source.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday, February 24, 2012

Yellow Purse - February 24, 2012

Miley and Liam got an early breakfast at Patys Restaurant in Toluca Lake this morning. Miley was wearing all black and carrying a yellow bag.Pic: Celebuzz.Patys Restaurant is a favorite spot for Miley.Check out these other posts where Miley went to Patys:- Miley and Emily Osment ride bikes.- Miley, Noah and Braison ride bikes.- Miley wears leopard print dress with Liam.- Miley, Tish and Noah go

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Miley gets a Tan

Miley Cyrus has been preparing for bikini season this spring by doing some February tanning in the sunny California weather.Miley tweeted this picture of her sunbathing wearing some designer shades:

Miley Cyrus has Cleaning OCD?

Miley Cyrus recently confessed that she is obsessed... with cleaning.Miley tweeted that if she could change one thing about herself it would be to eliminate her cleaning OCD:if i could change one thing about myself it would be my ocd. why do i never stop cleaning?! drives me nuts!Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can cause people to become obsessed with doing certain things such as making sure a door

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Out to Lunch - February 21, 2012

Miley Cyrus was out and about on Tuesday afternoon as she got lunch with a few friends at Stanley's Restaurant in Sherman Oaks. Miley was wearing a sheer sweater with jean shorts and boots, and was carrying her iPhone.Pictures: