Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Robert Bork R.I.P.

Judge Robert Bork passed away today.

Michelle Malkin writes:

Judge Robert Bork, former Supreme Court nominee, legal scholar, and the conservative movement’s champion of originalism, died early this morning after a long battle with heart and pulmonary complications. His family reports that the funeral will be held on Saturday.

Bork endured one of the most vicious, coordinated attacks from the Left during his Reagan-era SCOTUS confirmation fight.
Here is the slander disgracefully and despicably spewed by Ted Kennedy:

Commenting on Ted Kennedy's viciousness, Roger Kimball writes:
Not only was Kennedy instrumental in preventing a great jurist from taking his place on the Supreme Court, he also contributed immeasurably to the cheapening of American political discourse.

In a way, Robert Bork had the last laugh. Ted Kennedy went to his grave a rancid, lumbering, pathetic laughing stock. Bork went from intellectual triumph to intellectual triumph, contributing now-classic studies to the library of legal understanding and penning two of the most important works of social criticism of the last several decades....
Rest in Peace.

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