Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Aaron Rodgers Day 12/12/12

Today is Blake Seidl's 12th birthday. He's 12 on 12/12/12.

Happy Golden Birthday, Blake!

Of course, today is also Aaron Rodgers Day.

To most people, Wednesday will just be a quirky date: Dec. 12, 2012, or 12-12-12. But to Packers fans, the number 12 carries special meaning.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers wears No. 12. So earlier this year the state Legislature designated the day Aaron Rodgers Day in honor of the Super Bowl winner and last year's MVP.

Some public and private businesses are encouraging their employees to wear Rodgers jerseys Wednesday. Others are encouraging $12 donations to the MACC Fund charity. A Green Bay mall is offering special deals, including $20 Aaron Rodgers T-shirts for $12.

Rodgers has said he prefers to deflect personal attention to his team, but he was honored by the proclamation.
Watch Blake's Aaron Rodgers Day rap:

Hey, Hey Aaron, my name is Blake, come join me for some birthday cake. Wait, I'm turning 12 and it's my golden, heading to GB to be close to the frozen, going to Curly's want to head that way, it's the way I spend Aaron Rodger's day. Hey, it's your day, but it's also mine, cause I'm turning 12 and I'm feelin fine. Gonna wear this jersey, cause I'm feelin' proud, gonna represent and shout it out loud...hey, hey....Aaron Rodgers Day, hey, hey ...Aaron Rodgers day, hey, hey............
I love it!

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